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18 Mar

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we know for a fact that if your solar system was installed a few years back chances are that by now, it might not be offsetting your electricity use. The reasons could be many. Your family has expanded since then. You have introduced more appliances and gadgets to your home that weren’t there before or simply because your lifestyle has changed and now your family is consuming more power than when you first got a solar system installation in Ballarat.

So if you think it’s about time you upgraded your solar system in Ballarat, make sure you consider a few things first before supersizing your system.

Inspect your existing system

Take a close look at how well your existing system is performing, to what extent is it off-setting your daily electricity use and the present condition of the system. You might be able to find most of this in a detailed system manual provided to you by your solar installer in Ballarat. If it was not provided at the time of installation, you can still ask your solar electrician for one at any time.

Once done, check your existing solar system’s output on a sunny day. Ideally, a 2kW inverter should be delivering at least 1600 Watts if you consider losing some power to the system cabling and inverter.

Finally physically inspect your solar panels for any corrosion, change of colour, degradation, wiring damage or anything else. Now is also a good time to check your inverter for corrosion, insect nests, and compromised wiring.

Get quotes for new solar installation in Ballarat

If upon inspection your existing system looks good, all you need to do is add more panels after making sure your inverter can handle this expansion. If not, you might need to get in touch with your solar electrician in Ballarat and get them to fix your existing system before moving to the upgrade.

Ask your solar electrician for a quote, once you have decided the best way to move ahead based on the inspection you carried out on the system and the fixes made.

Avoiding the solar upgrade pitfalls

Upgrading your system might require you to confirm a few things so you don’t end up worse off than before.

• If you have a Feed-in Tariff agreement in place, make sure you don’t lose it when you upgrade your solar power system.
• Ensure that the system size you are upgrading to is acceptable to your electricity provider.
• Confirm that you are clear on the current and expected energy outcomes.
• Make sure the upgraded system falls in line with the rules for compliance, safety, energy predictions, angle, shading and all similar issues.
• Be very clear that the new equipment your solar electrician in Ballarat will be installing is compatible with the existing hardware.
• Make sure your upgraded solar installation in Ballarat is backed by sufficient warranty should anything go wrong.

Wrapping up

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have over 5 years of experience in new system installations as well as solar system upgrades and can help you with your next upgrade.

Feel free to call us today and we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your project.