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07 Dec

It’s that time of the year again and we can’t be more excited!

As the festive season begins, many of us are seen decorating our homes and competing for the best light show in the street.

But as you buy new lights or untangle the ones you used last year, make sure you are not compromising the electrical safety while you are busy setting the holiday mood.

Here are few tips from your Ballarat Electrician to make sure you have an electrically safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Buying lights for Christmas

As licensed electrician in Ballarat, we have seen many holiday hazards just because the lights used do not live up to Australian safety standards.

When buying Christmas lights this time around, it’s worthwhile to look for Australian Approval Number or the regulatory compliance logo.

Also make it a point to buy LED Christmas lights, which don’t just cost less to run, but are also very safe as they won’t turn hot or burn out.

Reusing old Christmas lights

For environment’s sake and that of your pocket, reusing Christmas lights is not a bad idea at all, but only as long as they are in good shape. As licensed Ballarat electricians, we have seen vigilant home owners, storing their last year’s lights in a proper way to avoid tangling and keep them from collecting dust.

So this time around, all you need to do is to check for frayed wires and popped bulbs before setting them up.

However, if your Christmas lights seem to have damaged from previous use, reusing them is not worth the risk. Better get yourself some new ones rather than compromise family’s safety.

Installing Christmas lights

If you are planning on a huge display of Christmas lights, consider installing safety switches to protect your home from power surges.

Also, ensure adequate safety around any power boards or extension cords you are using to light up your decorations. Tie up all the cords to avoid tripping and keep everything away from fire or congested spaces where they could heat up.

While most people tend to DIY when it comes to Christmas lights installation, if done incorrectly, it can pose a real danger to your home and family. Talk to your local electrician in Ballarat if you are not sure how to set up and install Christmas lights.

Ensuring a great but safe light show

Unattended Christmas lights are a huge danger in itself. Unlike other parts of the world, Australia has Christmas with the sun shining bright, so any lighting equipment tends to get hot faster in the warm weather.

Check your batteries, power boards, cabling and lights frequently to see they are not turning hot. Also make sure to turn off the Christmas lights before going to bed.

Wrapping up

Christmas is a great time for families to come together, celebrate and have fun. Make sure you are making this time safe as well.

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, feel free to talk to us if you need help setting up your Christmas lights this festive season.

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