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05 Feb

As Australia braces for one of the hottest temperatures in years, homeowners could literally be burning a hole in their pockets as they spend more on surviving the heat with air-conditioning.

But did you know there are a few things you could be doing, that will not only help you stay cool but also save you money on your next power bill.

1. Get rid of your old Air-con

If you think that’s a big expense, you might want to think again because according to Origin Energy, split systems older than 15 years could be costing you anywhere between $57 to $166 more a year just because they are not cooling your home as efficiently as they should. So what’s next? It’s time to dump you old air-con and install a new one.

2. Get it serviced at regular intervals

Keeping your air-conditioning unit well maintained can boost it efficiency to the next level. An air-con with a dust-clogged filter would require your unit to work harder to give you your desired temperature. This means it will suck more electricity and hence result in higher energy bills.

3. Do not set the temperature too low

According to one estimate, setting your air-conditioner just one degree cooler adds around 10% to the amount of electricity the unit consumes. Anything between 23 to 25 degrees should be ideal.

4. Make use of timers – Set and forget

Consider getting an air-conditioner that has a built-in timer. You can save more on your air-conditioning by setting your timer so it turns off during peak billing times to cut the operational cost of your unit. You can also set you air-con for sleep-timer so it’s not running long after you have fallen asleep.

5. Compare energy labels and pick the right size

An air-conditioner too big for the room will have shorter cooling cycles, thus switching on and off constantly will result in a lot of energy being used. If it’s too small for the room, it will have to work harder and thus consumer more power.

Also compare energy labels. The more stars it has, the more energy-efficiency it is and the cheaper to run as well.

6. Light up your home, don’t heat it up

The sun is all good in winters, but when summer time comes, shade is all that you want to keep the outside heat out and put less stress on your air-con.

The more heat you allow in through windows, electrical appliances and unnecessary lighting, the more your air-con will have to work to keep your home cool.

If you have a space outdoors for cooking, use that instead of heating up the living space with your indoor stove.

7. Make sure the thermostat is on the right wall

Where you are placing your thermostat can play a big role in how efficiently your air-conditioner will work. If it is placed on a wall that’s near a window letting sun rays fall right on the thermostat, it will need to work a lot harder assuming that the room is still hot, when it’s not, and cost you higher in energy bills.

We can help!

Whether it’s a new air-conditioner installation, repair or servicing of your old units, picking the right wall for your thermostat or simply deciding which model to buy, we are fully licensed and insured electricians to help you make the most of you air-con this summer and the ones to come.