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18 Jan

Nothing says summer time better than the gentle humming of ceiling fans spinning over our heads.

Yes! Summer has well and truly arrived and this means more time spent outdoors! To keep cool and enjoy yourself as you spend time in your patio, alfresco and verandas, an outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect answer to your needs.

However, before you call your Ballarat electrician for an outdoor ceiling fan installation, there are a few things you should consider first.


  1. Can I use an indoor fan, outside?

Absolutely not! Indoor and outdoor ceiling fans have different tropical ratings. This means that outdoor fans are made tougher to survive the harsh weather conditions they would be exposed to. Also consider checking your outdoor fan has non-rust blades especially if you live in a coastal area.

  1. What features are right for my home?

Outdoor ceiling fans come with plenty of features from light fixtures that cuts the need for separate lighting to remote controls making your life easier. Also worth considering is your outdoor ceiling fan’s airflow capacities going with a powerful fan with high airflow providing maximum cooling effect when you are relaxing outdoors.

  1. Where should I get a ceiling fan installed?

You can install your outdoor ceiling fan in any location from verandas, patios and sunroom, to garage and shed. Outdoor ceiling fans are also great for semi-enclosed spaces that do not expose the fan too much to harsh weather conditions. They are great for rooms with lots of windows as such spaces tend to heat up quickly. In garages, ceiling fans reduce humidity, protecting your stored stuff and making work comfortable.

  1. What’s the best fan size for outdoors

The size of your outdoor ceiling fan depends on a number of factors. So, ask yourself the following before buying one:

  • The area where you are going to mount it
  • What’s the size of the space the fan needs to cool
  • Would you be needing more than one outdoor ceiling fan


  1. How much should I be spending on ceiling fan installation?

Outdoor ceiling fans cost a tad bit more than indoor ones, however you can buy a ceiling fan for a few hundred dollars. Consider all of the above factors to help you get the best value for your money.

Wrapping up

Outdoor ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. Whichever you choose make sure it’s suitable for the area it will be installed in, both in terms of design and functionality. Once you have decided, the simplest way to get your outdoor fan installation done is to call MJ Electrician Ballarat for a quote and we will be more than happy to get it done for you.

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