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Planning to go green with solar panel installation? You have just made a very wise decision!

With more than 2 million of Aussie homes now running on solar, it’s a great time to benefit from the falling prices of solar panels and start reaping the benefits by reducing your monthly or quarterly power bills.

As your licensed and accredited solar panel installers in Ballarat, we can provide you with installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services for your home or business.


Accessing your needs:

We start by sitting down with you to evaluate your household energy consumption and determine the best size of solar system to meet your daily demand. We also consider factors such as roof space, orientation and battery.



After determining all the above factors we will provide you with a written quote that will detail the number of panels, system size and the cost of the entire job.



Once approved, we will confirm an installation date with you and get the approval from your electricity network provider as your system would need to be connected to the grid. After that we will complete the installation and your system would be ready to use.


We can help!

Solar Panel installations not done up to standard can result in house fires. So it’s very important that you only hire a professional who is accredited to do the job!

If you live in Ballarat and are looking for a reliable installer that can offer a quality solar panel system installation , hit the “Request a Service” button and we will get right back to you to discuss it further.