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Get an electrician to repair electrical outlet-box

18 Aug

Here’s something you already know – All the electrical outlets at your home (or office) are attached to walls using outlet boxes.

Over time, with people using these outlets by plugging in various electrical appliances, the outlet box can come loose from the wall it was firmly attached to.

Recall a situation where when you pulled out a cord, to disconnect an appliance, and it felt like the outlet box was about to come off?

That’s wear and tear!

Now, here’s what you may not know – fixing a loose outlet is often not as simple as tightening the screws!

Here’s why:
You may need to resize the hole where the outlet was previously attached
You may need a smaller outlet box
There maybe frayed wires inside that you may not notice (this is a very dangerous situation)

Hence, it’s best to have the loose electrical outlet box checked by a qualified electrician.

Potential issues caused by loose electrical outlet boxes:

We’ve noticed many homeowners, and tenants, tend to ignore loose electrical boxes as they perceive it to be just that – a loose box, and no harm can come from it.

Here are some potential issues that you’re exposing yourself to:
Electrical shock – When plugging in or unplugging a cord, you stand the risk of electric shock! The risk is higher when there are kids at home.
Damage to wires can cause inconsistencies in flow of electricity, thus damaging appliances
If an electrical cord requires considerable effort to plug in and unplug, the additional force can damage it. At worst case, this could result in exposed wires on the cord increasing the potential for electric shock.

Identifying a loose electrical outlet box

A few signs to be aware of:
Every time you unplug an appliance it feels like the whole outlet is coming out of the socket
Faceplate isn’t level with the wall
Faceplate slides side to side (it’s loose)

In case you have been ignoring this issue for a while, remember, the wires attached to the outlet too could be loose at this point. And, repeatedly using the plug point in question doesn’t help the situation!

What you won’t notice at a glance is that the loose wires could have been rubbing against sharp edges or surfaces, resulting in wire damage.

When it comes to electricity, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Don’t ignore loose electrical outlets. And equally worse, don’t try to fix them yourself.
Letting us handle the problem for you is not just about getting the job done right, but ensuring you and your family stay safe.

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