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01 Oct

Get ready! The next solar panel rebate release with be on December 17.

If you had been waiting for the generous government rebate of $2,225 to get solar panels installed for your household, there is good news for you.

With the last Solar Panel rebate fully subscribed soon after being released, the applications will re-open on Tuesday, December 17th for the final round of 2019.

So in case you missed out before, you still have an opportunity to get one this time around.

If you have already won a rebate, it’s time to look for a quality solar installer in Ballarat to get your system installed and look at a few more things before you take the plunge.

Sizing the system

The average Australian household utilises up to 18KW electricity in a day to 25kw for bigger families. Sizing your solar system slightly above your household’s daily requirements can help you stay self-sufficient even in the colder months. As licensed and insured solar installers in Ballarat, we can guide you on the best solar system size for your household.

Choose the right inverter

With so many brands available in the market, how do you know which one best suits your system and is the right fit for your solar needs. It’s always best to speak to your solar installer in Ballarat to choose an inverter that not just meets the Australian safety, quality and reliability standards but also meets your household’s solar needs.

Select the best solar panels

Your roof space and your household needs, both play a part in determining the right wattage and size of solar panels that you need to get installed. As experienced solar installers in Ballarat, we are happy to visit your house to determine the best position to place the panels and the right size to match your needs.

Hire a certified solar installer

Now that you have determined all the other elements of your complete solar system, including the government’s solar rebate, it’s time to talk to a solar installer to get your system up and running. But before you can start enjoying your electricity, make sure your solar installer is licensed, insured and has past experience doing solar installations in Ballarat.

Wrapping up

To make the most of your solar system, you need to get everything right from the budget to the right panels, inverter, and sizing and of course a solar installer to get it done for you.

Feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process, pay a site inspection and provide you with an affordable quote.