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25 May

Is your property electrically safe to be rented out?

When was the last time you got your rental property checked for electrical safety?

Do you know the new Victorian rental laws have been rolled out recently, putting a focus on electrical safety in properties and the role of landlords in keeping their properties and tenants safe?


New Victorian Rental Laws

The new Victorian Rental laws have expanded the rights and responsibilities of renters as well as rental providers (landlords) to establish a fairer and safer system for everyone.


What are the New Victorian Rental Laws and why are they important?

The new Victorian rental laws cover everything from starting a tenancy, living in or leaving a rental property, repairs, modifications and minimum requirements for property conditions, rooming houses, caravan parks and residential parks, family and personal violence among other changes.

It’s important to take note of the new regulations for rental housing if you are a tenant or a landlord as these will directly affect your lease.


When the new rental laws were launched

The new law that has as many as 132 points, were scheduled to come into effect last June, but were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The laws have now been officially launched on 29 March.


Things to check under the new regulations for rental housing

Among other things, property maintenance has been a big part of the newly rolled out regulations which includes:

  • Property modification
  • Urgent repairs, &
  • Minimum rental standards


What’s the new regulations on rental housing say with respect to electrical safety checks?

The residential rental rules state that all rental providers who enter into a new rental agreement will be required to undertake an electrical safety check every two years. If one has not been done in the last two years, it must be done as soon as possible.


Choose MJE as the electrical inspection tradesperson

As per law, all electrical work must be carried out by a qualified and licensed electrician in your local area. Don’t get caught out and protect your properties today by having an electrical safety check completed by MJE and stay abreast with your renter responsibilities.


Our experience with electrical safety checks

With over 2 decades’ worth of experience as licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have carried out hundreds of electrical safety checks for residential and investment properties. Most of these service requests come to us from property managers looking to fulfil the landlords’ need to keep the property safe for tenants.


How we perform electrical safety checks

If you require an electrical safety inspection on your property, our team of electricians will undertake a test of all electrical installations including smoke alarms, switchboards, light fittings, power points, wiring and appliances to make sure everything is in good order and meets the minimum rental standards as laid out by the new regulations on rental housing put into effect.


Certificate of Electrical Safety

Once the inspection is completed and all fixes have been done as required, we will issue the landlords a Certificate of Electrical Safety for their properties that will remain a valid proof that their properties meet the electrical safety requirements as outlined by the law.


Exclusive MJ Electrical Real Estate Offer

This month we are offering a Comprehensive Electrical Safety Check & Report for only $99 (usually $180) *conditions apply.

This Includes:

  • Safety Switch Checks & Resets
  • Entire Home Smoke-Alarm Testing
  • Visual Inspection of ALL electrical Equipment
  • Switchboard Wiring Check

Plus, receive your Comprehensive Electrical Safety Report

Call us at 03 4333 9117 today to arrange your Electrical Safety Check for your rental property.

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