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5 Things To Consider When Getting Solar Panels For Your Home In Ballarat

04 Sep

5 things to consider when getting solar panels for your home in Ballarat

Buying a solar panel system for your home is a big decision. And the choices available, coupled with “advice” from friends and family can be overwhelming. With this being a substantial investment, you need to ensure you are making the right decision when you choose a provider. To help you overcome confusion and analysis paralysis,

18 Mar

Upgrading your solar system in Ballarat – Everything you need to know

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we know for a fact that if your solar system was installed a few years back chances are that by now, it might not be offsetting your electricity use. The reasons could be many. Your family has expanded since then. You have introduced more appliances and gadgets to your home

27 Jan

Protecting Your Solar System Before and After an Emergency Fire, Flood or Storm

Advice from your Ballarat electrician on safely running your solar system after a natural disaster Rural areas in Australia are most prone to threats from natural disasters like bushfire, floods and cyclones. With the summer season still in full swing and the smoke from the devastating bushfires still making it hard to breathe outdoors, as

10 Jan

Is Going Solar the Right Choice for Your Business in Ballarat

As a small business, there are a lot of expenses that you need to tackle on a monthly basis. The rising costs of utility bills is a major one. However, with the on-going government rebates on residential and commercial solar installations, your business can definitely reap the benefits in terms of lower power bills in

03 Dec

5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Electrician in Ballarat to Ensure Safe Installation

Households looking for solar installations in Ballarat need to put safety as their top priority when deciding which electrical and solar company to hire. With eligible households being awarded generous solar rebates, Solar Victoria has put in place highly rigorous safety standards and is allowing only accredited solar electrical companies to participate in the Solar