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Why Electrical Cables and Wires are Standardized in Australia - MJE

30 Mar

Why Electrical Cables and Wires are Standardized in Australia

An electrical hazard can be life-threatening and can lead to severe injuries. The majority of the electrical hazards occur due to faulty wiring and the use of low-quality wires. There are many wire manufacturers and installers in Australia. They must be regulated and controlled by the authorities. That’s why the authorities have introduced standards. They

Whole-home surge protection - MJE

28 Feb

Whole-home surge protection

The first time you hear about whole-home surge protection you are both confused and intrigued to know more. The word itself is so complex that it can scare many of us before we understand its full depth. When the weather starts changing, you hear a lot about how installing a whole house surge protector is

25 May

Electrical Safety Checks – Making your property compliant with the new Victorian rental laws

Is your property electrically safe to be rented out? When was the last time you got your rental property checked for electrical safety? Do you know the new Victorian rental laws have been rolled out recently, putting a focus on electrical safety in properties and the role of landlords in keeping their properties and tenants

14 Dec

Ballarat Electrician explains the consequences of DIY electrical work

With the holiday season approaching fast and you once again begin to notice the long forgotten home maintenance task, being a nation of DIY enthusiasts, it’s only natural to roll up yourselves and try your skills to fix those wobbly switches or new fan installation. As licensed Ballarat Electrician, let us stop you right there.

27 Oct

Smoke alarms – your messenger for household safety says Ballart electrician

Increased usage in electrical appliances around your home, mainly with many of us working from home, means a heavier load on your home’s electrical system. Overload can cause all sorts of issues, paving the way for an array of faults in your electrical system. We all know, faulty electrical systems are one of the most

30 Jun

Fire Safety with Smoke Alarms Installation – Tips from Your Ballarat Electrician

Does your home have properly functioning smoke alarms? Are they installed strategically throughout the house? When was the last time you tested them? When was the last time you got them replaced? Do they live up to the latest Australian standards for fire safety?   As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we believe these are some

22 Jun

Buying a Home in Ballarat? Never Miss These 5 Important Electrical Safety Checks!

If you are planning to move to a new property that may or may not be too old, it’s worth taking a step back and consider if the home you are about to buy needs an energy audit? Wondering why is this so important? As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have seen way too many

19 Nov

Electrical dangers hidden in your beautiful old Ballarat home

Do you live in a Ballarat home built in the 60’s? Are you aware of the electrical dangers that may be lurking in your beautiful home just because it has not been updated to suit the present-day electrical requirements? As Ballarat is born and bred licensed electricians we know that old homes are simply love

02 Sep

Electrical Safety Checks for the Spring Season

With spring season officially kicking off in just a few days, it’s time to start ticking off some small but important items of your checklist to keep your home free of electrical hazards. When it comes to electricity, at MJ Electricians Ballarat, we believe that safety comes before anything else. So we have made a

23 Jul

Ballarat Electrician Explains Why We Need to Install Safety Switches on All Circuits

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, when we visit homes and recommend our clients to install safety switches on all circuits, we are asked more or less a similar question every time: I already have a safety switch. Isn’t one enough? The answer we give them is “No”. You need to install safety switches on all