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14 Dec

Ballarat Electrician explains the consequences of DIY electrical work

With the holiday season approaching fast and you once again begin to notice the long forgotten home maintenance task, being a nation of DIY enthusiasts, it’s only natural to roll up yourselves and try your skills to fix those wobbly switches or new fan installation. As licensed Ballarat Electrician, let us stop you right there.

27 Oct

Smoke alarms – your messenger for household safety says Ballart electrician

Increased usage in electrical appliances around your home, mainly with many of us working from home, means a heavier load on your home’s electrical system. Overload can cause all sorts of issues, paving the way for an array of faults in your electrical system. We all know, faulty electrical systems are one of the most

safety checks for your home

06 Oct

What you should know about electrical safety checks for your home

A stitch in time saves nine. Prevention is better than cure. Yet, most of us tend to be reactive when contacting an electrician or a plumber for issues around the house. Very rarely are we proactive. A power blackout or faulty wiring will have you on the phone calling us. However, when was the last