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09 Mar

Fall Tips from Your Electrician in Ballarat – Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Autumn has already begun and it will be only a matter of a month or so before the colder days start knocking on our doors. But with the winter season comes some serious challenges for homeowners trying to keep their homes warmer and electrically safe at a price that won’t burn their pockets. As licensed

04 Nov

5 Signs Your Home Needs a Circuit Breaker Replacement

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, replacing faulty circuit breakers is one of the most common requests we get called for. Circuit breakers serve a very important function in a home’s electrical system, protecting the wires from overheating during a sudden surge in electricity by tripping off. When not working correctly, the overloaded or overheated wires

03 May

4 Tell-Tale Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in Your Home

Bad electrical wiring is a house fire or a serious shock waiting to happen. Failure to get electrical wiring checked on a regular basis results in hundreds of homes setting ablaze across Australia. While you may not be able to detect bigger issues with your wiring by yourself, a cursory check should be enough to