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07 Dec

Switch on a great light show this Christmas but put electrical safety first

It’s that time of the year again and we can’t be more excited! As the festive season begins, many of us are seen decorating our homes and competing for the best light show in the street. But as you buy new lights or untangle the ones you used last year, make sure you are not

09 Nov

Is your home ready for summer – Tips from your Electrician in Ballarat

Spring is here already and it’s just a matter of days before summer would be knocking on our doors. This is a great time to get your home electrically ready for the warmer days and all the fun that comes with it. Outdoor lights installation Summer time means more barbeques, pool fun and outdoor gatherings.

Get an electrician to repair electrical outlet-box

18 Aug

Loose Electrical Outlet Box? Get an electrician to repair it

Here’s something you already know – All the electrical outlets at your home (or office) are attached to walls using outlet boxes. Over time, with people using these outlets by plugging in various electrical appliances, the outlet box can come loose from the wall it was firmly attached to. Recall a situation where when you

09 Jun

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Regular Outlets with USB Powerpoints in Ballarat?

Working from home during COVID-19, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves juggling with multiple chargers for several devices being connected to a single powerpoint. As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we know that they can be messy, inconvenient and are definitely not safe! USB Powerpoints not only cater to your need to charge multiple devices without

13 May

Hiring your Ballarat Electrician during COVID-19

Emergency electrical work cannot be put off to a later date. In order to keep your home electrically safe and sound, when you have a faulty switchboard, blackout, sparking plugs or flickering lights, you need to call your Ballarat Electrician right away to get it fixed. However, given the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic,

18 Oct

3 Lighting Updates You Can Introduce in Your Office

Ever thought what are the best lighting options for your business? Did you know that energy-efficient lighting upgrades, controls and systems can save you up to 60% on your business’ energy bills? As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have installed lights for all kinds of businesses and office spaces and here are some of the

19 Sep

A Quality Solar Installation in Ballarat is Worth Every Cent

Cost of solar panels have gone dramatically down over the last few years across the country, now making it possible for property owners to start enjoying a return on their investments in as little as 3 to 5 years. Having said that, not all solar panels and installations are the same. Cheap solar panels and

24 May

Households who missed out earlier can still avail Solar Rebates in Ballarat

According to Solar Victoria, hundreds of households were caught in the confusion of the first phase of solar rebates missing out on the application deadline. However, the Victorian Government has now announced that any household that installed a solar PV system between August 19, 2018 and April 12, 2019, without applying or contacting Solar Victoria

05 Feb

Save on your Air conditioning bill amid the scorching heat wave

As Australia braces for one of the hottest temperatures in years, homeowners could literally be burning a hole in their pockets as they spend more on surviving the heat with air-conditioning. But did you know there are a few things you could be doing, that will not only help you stay cool but also save

05 Feb

5 Questions to Ask When Going For Solar Panel Installation for Your Home!

Demand for solar panels has increased by 20% over the last 5 years with over 2 million Aussie homes now running on solar. That’s huge! But what’s the rage all about? Surging power bills, the falling prices of solar panels and an annual rate of return of 20% of the investment are all reasons good