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22 Jun

If you are planning to move to a new property that may or may not be too old, it’s worth taking a step back and consider if the home you are about to buy needs an energy audit?

Wondering why is this so important? As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have seen way too many homes that have old switchboards with fuses, dodgy wiring, faulty powerpoints and smoke alarms and incorrectly installed appliances that put properties at a major risk of house fires.

So here is our list of some of the most important electrical safety checks you must ask your Electrician in Ballarat to carry out before you seal the deal.

1. Make sure the house has safety switches

As a rule of thumb, the new property you are going to buy must-have safety switches on all circuits including lights, power points and all major appliances such as washing machine, cooking range, hot water system, air conditioner etc. Old switchboards with fuses can neither take on a load of modern appliances nor are they safe.

2. Confirm the wiring is safe and compatible

Old or faulty wiring is the major culprit behind house fire. Electrical wiring lasts only so long and most older homes have wiring that is damaged or faulty. Anyone living in the property would know this if they have flickering lights, sparky switches and tripping fuses. However, when you are buying a property, a single visit may not be enough to detect a fault. The property you are planning to buy will need a complete electrical inspection by a licensed electrician in Ballarat to make sure the wiring is safe and compatible to take the load of the appliances that are being run on it.

3. Check if all smoke alarms are properly wired in

Smoke alarms have a life just like everything else does. When you buy a home, make sure to test the already installed smoke alarms for proper functioning. If they are not working well it could potentially put your family at risk of house fires and hence must be replaced before you move in. Additionally, make sure that all floors, hallways and rooms have smoke alarms installed so any threat of fire could be detected as soon as it happens.

4. Look for cracked or faulty power points and switches

Powerpoints are some of the most used installations in our homes hence they are prone to damage over time. While it’s hard to tell if all is good behind those magic buttons, you can tell if a powerpoint is faulty and is not safe to use if the casing has decoloured due to excessive heating up, or the buttons are lose or have cracked with use over the years. If you suspect an issue with the powerpoints don’t hesitate to call your Ballarat electrician for a thorough inspection.

5. DIY Electrical installation

Despite DIY electrical work being strictly illegal, as licensed electricians in Ballarat, we still come across homes that have some dodgy wiring and electrical installations are done putting the property at risk. Since it’s hard for a layman to tell if the appliances are properly wired and installed, it’s best to ask your Ballarat electrician to do a complete electrical audit to make sure there is no DIY electrical work involved and to fix if there is any.

Wrapping up

Above are some of the most critical electrical components that you must ask your Ballarat electrician to check before you buy a home.

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, feel free to ask us for an electrical safety inspection and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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