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14 Dec

With the holiday season approaching fast and you once again begin to notice the long forgotten home maintenance task, being a nation of DIY enthusiasts, it’s only natural to roll up yourselves and try your skills to fix those wobbly switches or new fan installation.

As licensed Ballarat Electrician, let us stop you right there.

The apparently simple sounding electrical fixes around the home, might not be safe or legal for that matter, to carry out yourself, unless you are a qualified electrician.

What electrical work you CAN’T do yourself

When it comes to electrical work, the Australia law is pretty black and white. In its simplest form, if it goes beyond changing a light bulb, you need to hire a licensed electrician in your local area. To do the job for you.

This may not be an all-inclusive list, but just so you get the idea, here is a list of some of the electrical work that might sound easy to DIY but can only be carried out by a licensed electrician in Ballarat:

  • Installing power point or light switch
  • Repairing an electrical appliance like electric hot water system
  • Replacing existing light with a ceiling fan
  • Creating an extension or replacing the plug at its end
  • Replacing a batten holder
  • Installing a smoke alarm
What electrical work you “CAN” do yourself

This brings us to the important question: what electrical work “CAN” you do yourself. Basically anything that doesn’t really involve meddling with the connections, such as:

  • Installing low volt garden lights and pond pumps
  • Installing battery operated smoke detectors
  • Fitting, but not connecting of electric oven
  • Replacing drive belt in washing machine
  • Changing a light bulb
Consequences of doing your own electrical work

Fines for doing your own electrical work can be as high as $40,000 depending upon the nature of work you carried out as well as the state you are in. If the work you carried out could potentially result in a fatal injury, the fines could be several times higher along with a long prison sentence.

Wrapping up:

Going through the list of can’s and can not’s of doing your own electrical work, it’s obvious that anything that has to do with wiring cannot and should not be handled by an amateur. It is best left to a licensed electrical contractor near you.

Always remember to act responsibly and put safety first, when it comes to handing electrical appliances and fittings. Your life and that of your loved ones is a lot more precious than the few bucks you would be saving by not asking a professional electrician in Ballarat to do the job for you.

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