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8 Tips to manage your energy bills this winter while staying warm

28 Jul

8 Tips to manage your energy bills this winter while staying warm

These are unprecedented times.  Not only has the COVID situation resulted in lockdown regulations across the country, but we’re also experiencing one of the coldest winters. And, most of us are working from home, or simply stuck indoors.  The result – higher consumption of energy, and higher electrical bills! Under normal circumstances, it is estimated

30 Jun

Fire Safety with Smoke Alarms Installation – Tips from Your Ballarat Electrician

Does your home have properly functioning smoke alarms? Are they installed strategically throughout the house? When was the last time you tested them? When was the last time you got them replaced? Do they live up to the latest Australian standards for fire safety?   As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we believe these are some

22 Jun

Buying a Home in Ballarat? Never Miss These 5 Important Electrical Safety Checks!

If you are planning to move to a new property that may or may not be too old, it’s worth taking a step back and consider if the home you are about to buy needs an energy audit? Wondering why is this so important? As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have seen way too many

09 Jun

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Regular Outlets with USB Powerpoints in Ballarat?

Working from home during COVID-19, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves juggling with multiple chargers for several devices being connected to a single powerpoint. As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we know that they can be messy, inconvenient and are definitely not safe! USB Powerpoints not only cater to your need to charge multiple devices without

27 May

Ballarat Electrician Explains Why It’s Important to Rewire Your Aging Property

If you live in a house that was built in the 1960s or before, you would be no stranger to tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights or blown fuses every now and then. This is because the property you live in has its wiring is done decades ago, which over the years has decayed or rendered

13 May

Hiring your Ballarat Electrician during COVID-19

Emergency electrical work cannot be put off to a later date. In order to keep your home electrically safe and sound, when you have a faulty switchboard, blackout, sparking plugs or flickering lights, you need to call your Ballarat Electrician right away to get it fixed. However, given the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic,

18 Mar

Upgrading your solar system in Ballarat – Everything you need to know

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we know for a fact that if your solar system was installed a few years back chances are that by now, it might not be offsetting your electricity use. The reasons could be many. Your family has expanded since then. You have introduced more appliances and gadgets to your home

09 Mar

Fall Tips from Your Electrician in Ballarat – Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Autumn has already begun and it will be only a matter of a month or so before the colder days start knocking on our doors. But with the winter season comes some serious challenges for homeowners trying to keep their homes warmer and electrically safe at a price that won’t burn their pockets. As licensed

10 Feb

Why Cheap Solar is not Worth the Risk

While it may be tempting to go for a cheap solar installation to save money, as licensed solar electricians in Ballarat, let us stop you right there. Solar installations in Ballarat definitely call for a big initial investment and is something that you plan for at least the next 10 years. So it has been

27 Jan

Protecting Your Solar System Before and After an Emergency Fire, Flood or Storm

Advice from your Ballarat electrician on safely running your solar system after a natural disaster Rural areas in Australia are most prone to threats from natural disasters like bushfire, floods and cyclones. With the summer season still in full swing and the smoke from the devastating bushfires still making it hard to breathe outdoors, as