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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Skilled Electrician to Increase the Amperage at Your House - MJ Electrical

29 Jun

Most people tend to ignore the electrical system in their houses until something bad happens. With the increasing use of new electrical and smart devices, your home’s electrical system should have more capacity to support them.

If you are currently living in a house built many years ago, it could probably have a small amperage capacity. A low-capacity electrical system could seriously damage you and your home.

When increasing the amperage at your house, you should change the electrical system by replacing the wires, might have to replace the existing meter, switchboard, add extra circuits, etc.

We highly recommend that you shouldn’t attempt to do any electrical work by yourself. This is why we compiled this article to show you how important it is to hire a skilled electrician to expand the electrical system in your home.

1. Electrical work can harm you

Any kind of electrical work could expose you to electrical hazards. You must do many changeovers when increasing the amperage of your house.

If you don’t have the necessary skills, experience, and expertise, you could be at a higher risk of facing electrical hazards. These electrical hazards can even be life-threatening.

How electrical work can harm you - MJ Electrical

A skilled electrician would save you from these life-threatening electrical hazards. So why should you expose yourself to unnecessary dangers when you can simply hire a skilled electrician for the job.

2. Can affect the neighbors

You should note that faulty wiring in your home can affect you and your neighbors too. Faulty wiring could cause a fire which could spread quickly if not taken care of.

This can affect your neighbors and their houses. Therefore you have to ensure that your house’s electrical system is safe for you and your neighbors.

A skilled electrician would stick to the recommended wiring standards and follow the best suitable methods to ensure that the wiring at your house is flawless.

3. It is illegal to do electrical work by yourself

Now you know that faulty wiring could harm you and others in various ways. That is why it is strictly illegal to do your own electrical work in Victoria unless you have the necessary qualifications.

A professional electrician should hold the A-Grade electrical license to practice as an electrician in Victoria. The Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) registers qualified electricians and issues them with the licenses to practice as electricians.

It is illegal to do electrical work by yourself - MJ Electrical

If you want to get some wiring done or repair an appliance, don’t browse the do-it-yourself videos on youtube or anywhere else. The Victorian government is promoting quite the opposite. That is, don’t do it yourself or DDIY.

4. Helps with ESV audits

The Energy Safe Victoria is the safety regulator for Victoria’s electricity, pipelines, and gas. The electricians registered with the ESV will issue a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) once a job is done.

The electrician will give copies of the COES to the customer and ESV. They will visit the location and audit the job done. The audit is done to verify that the electrical work is safe and compliant.

Don’t take ESV audits as a burden because they are done to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Therefore, if you hire a licensed electrician, you could easily get through the ESV audits.

5. Can affect insurance claims

Your home could face burglary, fire hazards, electrical hazards, natural disasters, etc. Therefore it is important to take out an insurance policy for your house.

However, if you do unlicensed electrical work in your house, your insurance claims against electrical damages might be rejected.

The COES issued by licensed electricians and the ESV audits would help prove to the insurance companies that the professionals did the electrical work. Therefore hiring a skilled licensed electrician would help to get claims from the insurance companies.

6. You might lack the necessary tools

You should have certain tools and equipment in your hand to do a proper electrical job. Although you may not have them, an electrician would.

Therefore if you hire an electrician you don’t have to waste time searching for the equipment and your money on renting them.

7. Professional electrician will have more experience

A skilled electrician would have more knowledge and experience than you. They would know whether the amperage of your house is sufficient and what to do to increase it.

Experienced electrician - MJ Electrical

A licensed electrician would provide professional advice on the best possible methods available to increase the amperage at your house according to your budget. This could prevent you from spending money unnecessarily on low-quality products and unnecessary items.

8. Peace of mind for long term

Electrical work should not be taken lightly. It could affect your life and the life of others. When you do unlicensed electrical work, you would worry about the quality of the work every now and then.

However, if you hire a licensed electrician, you would have peace of mind, knowing that you are in safe hands. Passing the ESV audits would also ensure that the electrical work in your house is safe.

You will be able to live peacefully in your home knowing that you have guaranteed assurance from the insurance companies.

9. Could help you to manage the cost

As mentioned before, there can be a lot of electrical work involved when increasing the amperage at your house. Therefore hiring a licensed skilled electrician can be quite expensive.

However, don’t think of this as an expense. Think of it as an investment. If you invest in the right person, you can save costs in the long run.

Unprofessional and unlicensed electrical work can lead to various legal issues and financial losses. If the wiring is not done properly, your electrical appliances and power outlets might burn out. They must be replaced every now and then, which could raise your cost.

However, if you hire a skilled electrician, you wouldn’t have to incur these recurring expenditures. A licensed electrician will help to save the electrical appliances in your house.

Are you looking for a skilled electrician?

There are many active licensed electricians in Victoria. However, if you are looking for a skilled and licensed electrician in Ballarat, please don’t hesitate to contact MJ Electricians.

We have been in the industry for more than two decades. We will help you take your electrical system to the next level, as we have helped many others in the area.

Don’t forget the 24/7 emergency service that we provide. If you contact us for your electrical work, then you are in safe hands.

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