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8 Tips to manage your energy bills this winter while staying warm

28 Jul

These are unprecedented times. 

Not only has the COVID situation resulted in lockdown regulations across the country, but we’re also experiencing one of the coldest winters.

And, most of us are working from home, or simply stuck indoors. 

The result – higher consumption of energy, and higher electrical bills!

Under normal circumstances, it is estimated that most of us experience an electricity cost increase of at least 25% from summer to winter. However, these are not “normal” times and you may see a higher increase this year. 

Here are 8 tips to manage your electrical bills by using energy efficiently, without compromising on staying warm. 

Sounds good? Let’s dive in!

Check for energy leaks

Do a thorough inspection around your home to identify gaps causing heat leakage. Most of these gaps can be sealed off using fabric snakes and similar sealing products. 

Check for windows and doors that may be slightly ajar.  Keeping your windows and doors shut goes a long way in keeping your home nice and toasty. 

Shorter showers

Yes, we get it. Few things are better than a nice, long hot water shower. 

However, hot baths and showers use a lot of energy. Opt for shorter showers. Another solution is to switch to low-flow shower heads. 

As a side tip, check for any water leaks around the house and have them attended to urgently. 

Minimise use of your dryer

Your dryer consumes significant amounts of energy, especially when you throw in towels, sweaters and other heavy material and use it excessively.

Whenever you can, use your washing machine’s spin cycle to get rid of excess moisture and use the bright winter sunshine to dry your clothes. Placing your clothes rack in an open space to make use of your home’s heating also helps

Close rooms that are not in use

To keep the heat restricted to the areas of your home you and the family are in, shut off room doors if no one is using them. 

Optimise your heating

It’s easy to set your heating in the morning and forget about it. Always, remember to set your heating between 18°C and 20°C

Every degree higher could result in a 10% increase in energy consumption, and a “whack” on your wallet!

More layers of clothing

Wear jumpers, sweaters and socks indoors to stay warm and resist the temptation to turn up the heater. 

We ear that hoodies are “in”, so get layering! 

Insulate your ceiling and walls

Proper insulation keeps your homes and office warmer in winter.

Here’s a quick tip – thick curtains reduce the loss of heat through your window glass!

Also, as always, turn off all electrical appliances when not in use. This is a tip to remember all year round.

Opt for solar panels

Solar panels have proven to be most effective in the long-run. While the initial investment tends to put off some consumers, no one who gets solar regrets it! 

More than 2 million homes across Australia use solar panels today, and it’s time that you did too! 

Get in touch with us for an assessment on your energy needs and a written quote – Click HERE.

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