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04 Nov

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, replacing faulty circuit breakers is one of the most common requests we get called for.

Circuit breakers serve a very important function in a home’s electrical system, protecting the wires from overheating during a sudden surge in electricity by tripping off. When not working correctly, the overloaded or overheated wires can even result in house fires, electrical shocks and loss of life in extreme cases.

However, homeowners can easily avoid this problem if they know what signs to look for and get their old and faulty circuit breaker replaced with a new one in time.

1. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are not just annoying but could indicate a bigger problem. While flickering lights can happen due to a number of reasons including loose circuit connections, overheated wiring or a burnt fixture, but they also could be due to a failing circuit breaker switch that needs to be replaced.

2. Poor performing appliances and fixtures

When your appliances like vacuum cleaner, iron, toaster or oven are all in relatively good shape but still seem to be underperforming, the culprit could most probably be a faulty circuit breaker. When the circuit breaker fails to perform as it should, you would experience overheated wiring that would not be able to take the load of running your modern high voltage appliances.

3. Burning smell near the switchboard

Wiring and insulation can burn due to overheating and the smell you get is not particularly a great one. This could be a clear indication that your circuit breaker is not doing its job of protecting the circuits from overheating.

4. Breaker keeps tripping

When you plug in an appliance and the circuit breaker trips, its good news, because that’s what it is for in case the appliance is faulty. However, when you reset the breaker and it keeps tripping for no reason, the culprit is not the appliance but the breaker itself. Alternatively, your Ballarat electrician may also suggest you add another circuit to your home to take the load off the current ones.

5. Tricky resetting

When a circuit breaker trips it should be reset back to its original position so it once again begins to perform as it should. However if you reset it and it flips back right after, does not budge or gets stuck in the center, that is a problem. Get a licensed electrician in Ballarat come over and check it immediately.

Wrapping up

A faulty circuit breaker does not cost a lot and timely repair or replacement can save not only your appliances, your house but also precious lives. This is definitely an investment worth doing to protect your home and your loved ones.

If you think your circuit breaker is too old or is faulty, as licensed electricians in Ballarat we can do a safety inspection and replace your failing circuit breaker with a new one in no time.

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