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10 Feb

Why Cheap Solar is not Worth the Risk

While it may be tempting to go for a cheap solar installation to save money, as licensed solar electricians in Ballarat, let us stop you right there. Solar installations in Ballarat definitely call for a big initial investment and is something that you plan for at least the next 10 years. So it has been

27 Jan

Protecting Your Solar System Before and After an Emergency Fire, Flood or Storm

Advice from your Ballarat electrician on safely running your solar system after a natural disaster Rural areas in Australia are most prone to threats from natural disasters like bushfire, floods and cyclones. With the summer season still in full swing and the smoke from the devastating bushfires still making it hard to breathe outdoors, as

10 Jan

Is Going Solar the Right Choice for Your Business in Ballarat

As a small business, there are a lot of expenses that you need to tackle on a monthly basis. The rising costs of utility bills is a major one. However, with the on-going government rebates on residential and commercial solar installations, your business can definitely reap the benefits in terms of lower power bills in